Intiminator 43mm Front Fork Insert  Now available for the      DR 650 and DR350


Intiminators are similar to Racetech gold valve emulators & are a step above as they utilize inertia valve technology (to reduce fork dive) in addition to the improved compression dampening (compared to the archaic fork rod technology).

The debut of inertia valve technology stands to revolutionize the suspension world although originally patented almost 100 years ago. The inertia valve has the ability to lock out the shocks movements over smooth terrain giving you the handling control of solid suspension thus controlling fork dive, while automatically activating the dampening as soon as rough terrain is reached. 

To accomplish this the inertia valve, shown being compressed below, a spring keeps the brass ring valve in place and creates enough force on the valve to prevent small vibrations from activating the shock. Rolling over a bump accelerates the forks upwards, which unseats the valve and allows the shock to operate freely.  This combined with a superb valving design, gives better control, and increased comfort in the rough stuff.

In this view Bill is pushing down on the inertia valve. Factory tuned for your Suzuki.

Our Price ($179.00)